Celebrating Nearly 30 Years of Dedication: A Tribute to Ramiro Montes

Introduction After nearly three decades of dedicated service, Ramiro Montes is retiring from ITC Manufacturing. As one of the longest-tenured employees, Ramiro has left an indelible mark on the company. In this tribute, we reflect on his remarkable journey, contributions, and the legacy he leaves behind. Background and Early Beginnings Born in Mexico, Ramiro’s journey to ITC Manufacturing began in … Read More

Selecting the Right Channels

In every efficient warehouse operation, the choice of decking material is pivotal. That’s why ITC Manufacturing’s wire decking is indispensable. Boasting superior strength and a sleek, low-profile design, our wire decking offers greater versatility than traditional wood decking. This adaptability allows for the addition of functional accessories like dividers and backstops, which significantly enhance the safety and operational efficiency of … Read More

Wire Decking: Enhancing Storage and Safety

ITC’s wire decking solutions are designed to enhance storage capacity and safety across various industries. We cater to distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturers, retailers, integrators, and forklift dealers offering a versatile range of wire products. These include heavy-duty mesh decking, light-duty options, and customized fabrications, ensuring a fit for every storage need and application. ITC wire decking enhances visibility, improves fire … Read More

ITC Manufacturing at Modex 2024

The Modex Trade Show 2024 was a landmark event for ITC Manufacturing, reinforcing our position as industry leaders in delivering US-made wire and steel solutions. This year’s event, enriched by insights from co-CEOs AriAnne Berberian and Greg Tilton, and supported by our owners Johnnie and Joy Caldwell, showcased the collaborative spirit of our team. Our sales team’s engagement with attendees … Read More