Jobs Description

  • Roll Forming- Machine Operator I
  • Full Time
  • Columbus, OH
  • February 21, 2017
  • February 21, 2017
  • May 21, 2017


Responsible for operating machines, handling materials, and use of other assigned tools. Ensure a safe and clean environment.


  1. Sets up and operates machine to form longitudinal bends, rolls, beads, or embossed design onto sheet metal strips by action of two or more roller dies to fabricate items, such as molding, trim, weather-strip, and structural shapes specified by work order or diagram: Bolts specified roller dies and drives rolls onto spindles.
  2. Positions spindles to align male and female roller dies and adjusts rolls to thickness of metal, using feeders, rule, shims, gauges, and hand tools.
  3. Set side guides.
  4. Turn knobs to set footage meter and control which stops machine or activates automatic shear when specified length of strips has been run.
  5. Lift coils of metal onto feed rack, manually or by hoist, and threads end into feed roll.
  6. Directs flow of coolant onto rolls or fill oil cups.
  7. Starts machine, observes operation, and verifies dimensions of finished products, using micrometers, gauges and rule.
  8. Threads end of formed stock onto rewind spindle and cuts it to specified length, using hand shears, or removes finished pieces from machine bed.
  9. Ability to butt-weld ends of coil together to form continuous feed.
  10. Ability to feed pre-cut strips of metal onto machine.
  11. Ability to turn knobs or install gears to adjust speed of machine.
  12. Ability to verify coolant levels in machine and oil grease moving parts as specified.