Jobs Description

  • Team Lead
  • Full Time
  • Columbus, OH
  • March 1, 2017
  • March 1, 2017
  • June 1, 2017


Ensure staffing is adequate and helps employees understand assigned task.  Assist supervisor with the daily schedule of employees, and prioritizing work-orders. Verify that final products meet order specifications and quality standards.


  1. Lead department activities and operations.
  2. Implement and enforce safety guidelines.
  3. Foster and develop a well trained workforce.
  4. Provide and document proper training.
  5. Troubleshoot and solve production issues.
  6. Communicate with all general operators daily on workload schedule.
  7. Meet and exceed daily production requirements.
  8. Communicate with other shift Team Leads, Coordinators and Operations Manager.
  9. Maintain communication across cross-functional levels.
  10. Assist with monitoring inventory levels.
  11. Ensure team conformance to company’s policies, standards, and procedures.
  12. Interpret order specifications and work instructions for workers.
  13. Manage work-order flow.
  14. Prepare production reports.
  15. Ensure a clean and safe work area.
  16. Identify and solve existing and potential problems and communicate issues with supervisor and managers.
  17. Punctuality a must.
  18. Additional duties as assigned.


  1. Basic computer skills.
  2. Detail oriented team player and highly self motivated.
  3. Excellent written and oral communication skills required.
  4. Must be able to lead and motivate others with a positive and encouraging attitude.
  5. Maintain a positive professional attitude at all times.
  6. Problem solving and time management skills and the ability to resolve issues.
  7. Data entry skills.
  8. Must be able to perform basic math