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Happy Manufacturing Day!

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Happy Manufacturing Day!!!

We are honored to celebrate a day that is dedicated to modern manufacturing with all of our manufacturing friends around the country that will inspire the current and next generation of manufacturers.

ITC is proud to be part of such a strong and thriving industry and we owe it to our amazing and dedicated employees who make it all possible.

Fun fact: According to the National Association of Manufacturers, Ohio’s manufacturers generated $108.09 billion in 2015.

ITC Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2017

Rachel Anderson

Phoenix and Columbus Plants Tout Manufacturing in the USA

Phoenix, Arizona – (Oct. 3, 2017) – International Technical Coatings (ITC), the premier manufacturer of wire mesh products for material handling and fencing, today announced its participation in this week’s Manufacturing Day, taking place on Friday, October 6. Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers here in the U.S. As a result, ITC will be celebrating in each of its two plants based in Phoenix and Columbus, Ohio.

“ITC is proud to be an American manufacturer with two plants serving our customers across the U.S., and our involvement in Manufacturing Day is a celebration of those efforts,” said CEO Faruk Gole. “We have made some terrific achievements this year including the expansion of our management team, focusing on plant safety and a concerted effort to provide jobs at ITC for our veterans. We are honored to participate in this year’s Manufacturing Day in both our plant locations.”

ITC is a leader in the material handling industry where it provides its wire mesh products to support the world’s shipping and warehousing network. It has added capabilities to create wire fencing for schools, municipalities and even the Cubs’ spring training facility. The company is increasing its efforts with more incentives for its employees and making ITC a good and safe place to work. This is especially important in a time where many U.S. based manufacturers are shipping overseas.

Earlier this year, ITC announced its averaged double-digit growth over the last decade by investing in new technology and its state of the art facility in Columbus, Ohio, where the company has hired more than 100 employees to support manufacturing demands in the Midwest. ITC now operates as the most automated wire mesh welding plant in the United States and is the forerunner in applying technology-enhanced equipment for these industries, and has reach to serve all of North America.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, International Technical Coatings ( is the premier manufacturer of wire mesh products for the material handling and storage products industries. As one of the largest wire and steel fabricators in the United States, ITC manufactures a wide range of wire product including heavy and light duty wire mesh decking, dividers and flue spacers, gridwall/slatwall, POP displays, industrial and specialty drawn wire, custom wire and steel products, mine mesh, re-enforcing mesh, security fencing and roll formed products. In addition, ITC offers value-added services such as product design and engineering to meet the needs of distributors, mass merchants, retailers, archive storage providers, OEM’s and third-party logistics providers.

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The American Wire Producers Association published a report releasing the US Department of Commerce’s preliminary determinations in the antidumping investigations of carbon and alloy steel for Belarus, Russia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Read full report below.

August Spotlight

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Dave Foley

Maintenance Manager, Columbus Plant

Dave joined ITC Manufacturing as one of the original Columbus team members hired in 2010. His 30+ years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, and maintenance, make him a critical member of the ITC team. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled at supervising equipment installations, the ongoing maintenance of equipment and facilities, and the reduction of equipment down-time, along with improvements in the manufacturing process. Regardless of how large or small the issue/problem is, or what time of day or night, Dave is always willing to help. Dave has even come in on his day off to get a project done! He rolls up his sleeves and is able to provide solutions that help the Columbus plant on a daily basis.

“ITC is like a family, we all work together to meet our goals. I’m honored to be recognized in this employee spotlight moment.”

Thank you, Dave, for your hard work and dedication!

August Spotlight

Rachel Anderson

Shiela Amorsolo

Purchasing Agent, Phoenix Plant

Shiela joined ITC Manufacturing as a Maintenance Coordinator in 2006. In her 11 years at ITC, she has been an integral team member of the maintenance and production support teams. She is extremely knowledgeable on all ITC parts, their location, and the ordering process. One of her former managers refers to her as the “Wikipedia of ITC parts.” She has been promoted to Parts Room Coordinator and most recently, Purchasing Agent. No matter what project is thrown her way, she delivers and does it with enthusiasm.

“Working at ITC has been a great experience; I love to continually be part of this growing company,” said Amorsolo.

Thank you, Shiela, for your hard work and dedication!

Women of Influence Feature

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At age 37, AriAnne Sproat proudly wears the label of trailblazer for women in business and, in particular, the manufacturing industry. As COO of ITC Manufacturing in Phoenix, one of the world’s leading supplier of steel products, she has spent the last 18 years as a role model, demonstrating to the company founders and all employees that there is no task she can’t handle – and handle successfully. At just 19, she started her career as a receptionist. After 18 years and a college degree earned in night school, she is now COO.

My first job ever was… As a waitress. I only dropped one tray.

I decided to enter my industry because… It was a fluke. I was hired as a receptionist and fell in love with the company. I guess you could say the industry chose me!

Being a woman in a male-dominated industry is… Challenging at times but overall very comfortable for me. I grew up with three brothers so I have never been afraid to speak my mind.

My proudest accomplishment is… My son. Being promoted to COO of my company is second.

My boldest move to date was… Continuing to work while pregnant and on bed rest for 4 months, 1 month of it from the hospital.

I surprise people when I tell them… That I work in the steel industry.

My best advice to people starting their career is… Do the work that others won’t. Jumping in and helping out even if it isn’t “your” job is how you learn other aspects of an organization.

My best advice from a mentor was… The true measure of a leader is the people they inspire.

My biggest setback was… When my organization had to make the strategic decision to file bankruptcy.

I overcame it by… Staying positive and looking at it as a learning experience.

Work/life balance is… Hard, especially for moms. I deal with a lot of “mom guilt” but I know I am best as a parent when I feel happy and fulfilled and my career does that for me.

If you googled me, you still wouldn’t know… That I have a twin brother.

I stay inspired by… Other women. I am proud to share what I have learned with other women and help build up other women.

The future excites me because… I see how bright it is.

My next step is… Continue to learn and grow within my role and help others within the organization learn and grow as well.


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