The demand for e-commerce sales is booming. More than ever, customers want easy access to online products with fast delivery. That means e-commerce businesses must be nimble. Having a well-crafted warehouse is paramount to being sure your business runs smoothly.

ITC manufactures solutions that help e-commerce warehouses achieve their goals. Using wire decking solutions from ITC, your warehouse will be able to remain nimble by employing powerful organization among a high volume of inventory. Our decking is ideal for maximizing visibility and airflow while also ensuring that safety standards are met. Our decking makes sure to keep your operation within fire code while also allowing better access from overhead sprinklers in the event of an emergency.

ITC's line of wire mesh decking and light-duty decking provides the appropriate amount of storage support for any situation. And our lines of dividers are spacers that are perfect for keeping products separated in storage. We also offer custom manufacturing to be sure your every need is met.